Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damage – West Hollywood House

Storm damage hit this unfinished West Hollywood house with a significant amount of water damage. The home was under construction, and the windows had not yet be... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – West Hollywood

Commercial water damage struck this West Hollywood office building when a water line burst overnight. Luckily the water damage was somewhat contained by the vin... READ MORE

Mold Remediation to a West Hollywood Property

A leaking supply line in this West Hollywood home caused mold patches to grow and ruin the drywall panels. The black mold visible in the Before Photo badly dama... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Bel Air Home

Fire damage to this Bel Air home started in the kitchen. An electrical fire broke out from a short in an overhead ceiling light fixture. The fire spread to the ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Bel Air Office

Water damage to this Bel Air office was the result of a pipe break in an adjoining bathroom. The pipe had burst over the weekend, so when the staff arrived Mond... READ MORE

Bel Air Soaked Commercial Carpet

The carpeting in this Bel Air office suite was covered in water. The Before Photo is after our SERVPRO water restoration technicians had suctioned out most of t... READ MORE

Bel Air Damage from a Storm

The water flowed in from the storm and deposited a small layer on the floor of this basement in a secondary utility structure at this Bel Air estate. SERVPRO te... READ MORE

Water Damaged West Hollywood Ceiling

The steady drip of water from the line in the attic finally ruined a section of this West Hollywood ceiling. Hanging insulation and saturated drywall was remove... READ MORE

Bel Air Moldy Kitchen Problem

The plumbing leak resulted in extensive mold patches developing within this wall in a Bel Air utility kitchen. The musty odor gave away the hidden problem. The ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in West Hollywood to a Garage

The fire from an electrical short in this West Hollywood garage did some damage to the ceiling and the above roof sheathing. The firefighters broke open the dry... READ MORE