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Removing The Source Of Mold Damage In Your Hollywood Home

6/8/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Removing The Source Of Mold Damage In Your Hollywood Home Once you have discovered mold growth in your Hollywood home, you often want this threat removed as quickly as possible.

Removing The Source Of Mold Damage

Once you have discovered mold growth in your Hollywood home, you often want this threat removed as quickly as possible. The more that gets understood about mold exposure, the more potential health effects that get attributed to it. This condition should not get allowed to persist in your home, and very often your conventional cleaning methods are not sufficient to remove the thriving colonies.

Regardless of how the mold damage occurred in your Hollywood home, removing the colonies and getting your home back to a position where it cannot support this fungal growth is a critical step to take. Fortunately, this is not a process that you are going to have to contend with alone. Our certified applied microbial remediation technicians at SERVPRO can help you to overcome any of the obstacles that stand in the way of removing this present growth and restoring your home to its original conditions.

One of the essential components of this process is determining how the colony could form in the first place. While mold spores only require moisture and warmth to thrive, identifying the source of this moisture can help avoid recurrences in the immediate future. The search for this source is part of the extensive initial inspection and assessment to learn the full scope of the damage that our SERVPRO technicians face as they get the remediation process underway.

If a source to the moisture present in the affected area cannot get found, once drying the area completes with our air movers and dehumidifiers, you might get encouraged to continue dehumidification for the foreseeable future. This machine can ensure that moisture cannot collect in the area and allow for mold spores in the environment to seat and thrive again.

While the remediation process has multiple steps and can be intricate and concise, our SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood remediation technicians is expertly trained to handle any obstacle they might face in this process. You can trust our professionals to help you reclaim your home. Give us a call today at (310) 572-6132.

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Assessing The Fire Damage To Your Bel Air Residence

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Assessing The Fire Damage To Your Bel Air Residence A fire can cause significant damage to your property.

Assessing The Fire Damage To Your Residence

While a fire in your Bel Air home can be traumatic and overwhelming to deal with, often some of the most stressful effects of the blaze come from dealing with the insurance company to file the appropriate claim. With the need for the restoration work to begin as quickly as possible, you often don't have the patience to deal with the lackadaisical timetable your home insurance team can sometimes have.

Finding the right restoration team for the fire damages to your Bel Air residence might not be something that you have considered, but fortunately, most insurance companies have just the right team of professionals in mind to help you through this challenging time. Our SERVPRO team can respond quickly to get right to taking the necessary precautions to preserve the contents of your home and help to prevent worsening damages.

Our initial assessment of the damage to your home is thorough for several reasons. First and foremost, we need to catalog all of the damages throughout all of the affected areas to ensure that the necessary steps get taken within the restoration plan to remedy these concerns. This assessment is also critical for relaying the pertinent information on your behalf to the insurance company adjuster to expedite the claim and getting work started.

This inspection also overviews all of the contents and structural components of your house. Our estimator and project manager work to determine what contents have become irreparably damaged, what items simply need to get stored throughout the restoration process, and what items can get salvaged and restored with some concentrated restoration efforts outside of the house. All of this information becomes a part of the claim to get filed through your insurance company as well.

While no one can get prepared for a fire in their home, it is nice to know that you have a crew of professionals working to ensure that you can return to your regular life as quickly as possible. Our SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood fire restoration team is available to you 24/7 by calling (310) 572-6132.

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Hollywood's Water Removal Experts Explain Problems with Insulation

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Hollywood's Water Removal Experts Explain Problems with Insulation SERVPRO Says--We Remove Wet Insulation In Hollywood Homes After Water Intrusions to Help Prevent Mold and High Electrical Bills

SERVPRO Can Identify Hidden Moisture and Re-Establish Acceptable Dryness with Measuring and Treating

It is always possible that things can go wrong inside your Hollywood home and water leaks into an area that was not designed to handle moisture. Water can cause many problems to the interior of a house. Moisture can ruin building materials and contents if enough water is present in an area for too long.

If water does not get removed from all organic materials in the home, mold growth can occur. To prevent future fungal problems water removal in a Hollywood residence should take place within 48 hours. In some cases, structural contents can get damaged requiring replacement so that future issues do not arise.
One structural component that is susceptible to damage if it gets wet is insulation. Moisture can lessen the insulating power of the insulation material. Some types of insulation get ruined quickly when they get wet while other kinds can be saved by drying.
Some types of insulation including cellulose and Rockwool can mat when they get wet. Moisture can also affect the "R" value, fire resistance, and antimicrobial properties of cellulosic materials. Rockwool has small strands of metal inside it that can rust when it gets wet. Both cellulose and Rockwool insulation types often get replaced when they are damaged by moisture. Our SERVPRO technicians can readily establish the best course of action.
It is possible to dry fiberglass insulation, but it is not always straightforward. Vapor barriers built into the padding slow down the drying of the fiberglass. Drying the insulation inside enclosed walls and ceiling cavities may prove to be extremely difficult. However, if insulation is not entirely dried out promptly, then mold can develop on wooden studs and trusses.
Before our SERVPRO technicians attempt to dry out a wall cavity, they use monitoring meters to test the moisture content. Moisture meters have probes on them that can penetrate into the wood and drywall of the affected area leaving almost invisible tiny prick holes. The meter then reads how much moisture is present in the materials.
If the moisture level of the materials in the affected area is significantly higher than the levels of unaffected regions, then drying out the wall cavity is necessary. The best way to dry out walls is to remove the baseboard and drill holes at the bottom of the wall behind it. If the moisture inside the walls is excessive, then the drywall gets removed a foot or two from the floor.
Drying wall cavities is essential in preventing future secondary water damage. For professional assistance with water-related problems, call SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood at (310) 572-6132 any time.

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Commercial Fire Damage Can Mar Your Bel Air Talent Agency's Interior

5/4/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Fire Damage Can Mar Your Bel Air Talent Agency's Interior Talent agencies in Bel Air with any amount of commercial fire damage also need to keep prospective clients in mind.

Commercial Fire Damage

Fires produce smoke, and this can come from any sized fire. Once in the air, soot attaches to anything it comes into contact with and sticks like a heavy glue that dries slowly. As long as things in your studio remain covered in even the thinnest layer of smoke residue, the discoloration of walls, props, and other tools of your business continues to affect the quality of photos and video clips.

Talent agencies in Bel Air with any amount of commercial fire damage also need to keep prospective clients in mind. When visiting, anything less than professional appearances can adversely impact your image, as well as that of the models relying on your expertise and influence to advance their careers.

Helping you enrich the lives of so many in a cleaner environment, free of smoke or fire damage, means it occurs in a safer setting, as well. While smoke deposits might stem from non-nicotinic sources and never involve cigarettes, any smoke residue can carry carcinogens. After structures burn during a fire, replacing them with new materials helps restore things again, but much more than this must take place.

Repainting alone rarely solves the problem when it comes to walls, and smoke affects many other things, as well. At SERVPRO, our technicians receive training that results in the earning of IICRC certificates, ensuring our employees can help restore your business to preloss condition. We address each of the aspects related to the fire damage affecting your studio's interior and rectify each one.

Cleaning windows, so they once again let the sun shine through without streaks or spots, removing smoke residue from lighting equipment, and ensuring changing room areas once again glisten from top to bottom puts everyone associated with your agency in a beautiful light. We want your business endeavors to succeed, and we can help you accomplish your goals.

SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood knows your industry affects people from around the country and not just from our local area. If your agency's location places you in or near the areas around Weho, West or Central Holywood, or Spaulding Square, we can help you after sustaining any fire damage and the smokey leftovers remaining. Call us at (310) 572-6132 to get started in bringing your agency back to pre-event condition.

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What to do in the Event of Flood Damages to Your West Hollywood Residence

4/29/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What to do in the Event of Flood Damages to Your West Hollywood Residence Flooding can be devastating if it happens in your home, regardless of the cause. Contact SERVPRO if facing flooding or other damage.

Team SERVPRO is Ready Should Your Home Face Flooding

As surprising as flooding might seem to most of the homeowners in West Hollywood, this occurrence happens more often than you might think. While flooding in the traditional sense is not an entirely typical occurrence for the area, you might find that other causes for flooding provide the same level of devastation and destruction to the houses that get directly affected.
While there are always causes for internal flooding in your home, such as defective appliances or plumbing concerns, homes are still at risk for flood damages in West Hollywood from external sources as well. With severe weather systems that pass through the area, your home’s exterior can become compromised and vulnerable to water penetration. Typically this often occurs through the foundation and basement walls of your home, where blockwork degrades and weakens over time, but it can also occur through a damaged roof or siding on your home.
Regardless of where it is coming from specifically, a puncture in the armor of your house can allow the storms passing through the area to flood your home with the torrential rainwater often expected. Once this situation starts, you should contact SERVPRO immediately to give our technicians a chance to stop the damages before they can get worse. When we arrive at your home, we work to quickly seal up areas of penetration to keep further water from entering the damaged areas.
An assessment of the damage can help us to determine the full scope of the damage that your home faces, as well as the equipment and appropriate strategy necessary to restore this damage. Extraction is often the start of this process, as it poses the most significant initial threat to the structural components of your house as well as materials used in your flooring, walls, and ceilings. This process gets completed with the use of truck-mounted pumps from the SERVPRO fleet (if the damage is severe), or could also get accomplished with a combination of portable pumps and wet-vacs.
Extraction is one of the key components to a successful flood damage restoration plan, but there are several steps beyond this to bring your home back to the way it used to be. While you might never expect to experience flooding in your home, if you do face a water emergency of any kind, be sure to contact SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood. Our experienced restoration specialists are available 24/7 by calling (310) 572-6132.

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Why It is Essential to Deal With the Mold Growth In Your West Hollywood Home

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why It is Essential to Deal With the Mold Growth In Your West Hollywood Home SERVPRO can also address areas water may be entering your home causing mold.

Count on SERVPRO to address mold damage at the first signs.

Mold damage in your home is something that can become pretty serious swiftly. Mold spores are everywhere and are not harmful. The truth of the matter is that there is no magic solution to destroy all of the molds that are in your home, as the spores are so small and relatively undetectable. In this state, the mold spores are not an issue. When they discover a damp surface in your home and can feed off of the moisture, they can become a problem. Fortunately, there are specialists in the area who can remediate the problem for you.

The prime reason to rid your West Hollywood home of mold damage is that it can cause health effects in the people who live there. While there is no way to rid your home of mold spores, an excellent way to prevent mold from growing into large and problematic patches is to address any water damage that happens immediately.

SERVPRO can send technicians to your home to deal with the mold infestation quickly after your call. Before we agitate any of the spores, we set up containment, so they may not spread. Our employees can then remove any porous surfaces that the mold has grown from, as they cannot be cleaned, and then clean any non-porous ones. SERVPRO can set up air scrubbers to run while we work, which can help remove any foul smells from the area by filtering the particles out.

Should there be any lingering water damage on your property that caused the mold to break out in the first place, our technicians can also dry out the area with tools like dehumidifiers and axial fans. Ensuring that no water damage remains in your home is a good measure to help decrease the chances of regrowth.

If your house is struck with mold damage, do not hesitate. Contact SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood at (310) 572-6132. We strive to return your home to its preloss condition.

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When Your Bel Air Home Is Ravaged By Significant Fire Damages

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage When Your Bel Air Home Is Ravaged By Significant Fire Damages When a fire threatens this house, it can often be enough to make clean up, and restoration seems impossible, or at the very least overwhelming.

Call SERVPRO When Your Home Is Ravaged By A Fire

Your Bel Air home holds all of the things that you hold most dear in the world from the possessions that you have acquired to the family that you love. When a fire threatens this house, it can often be enough to make clean up, and restoration seems impossible, or at the very least overwhelming. Fortunately, even with severe fire damages, you are never alone in helping to set things right again and get your home back to the way it was before this traumatic event occurred.

With the dry air that is common to southern California, structure fires can take a lot of extinguishing efforts to quell. The fire damage that gets left after this long-running blaze can be hard to look at, let alone make sense of how to set it right again and continue living in the house. When it comes to restoring your house after an instance like this, there is a lot that SERVPRO can do to remove the effects of the recent fire or to prepare the area for the reconstruction work that it likely needs.

When our team first arrives at your home, we do a preliminary look at all of the damage to see the full scope of the restoration process we are asked to perform. Inside of this process, we prioritize sealing up any holes or exposed areas where further elemental damage can occur from the outside and make restoration efforts more difficult. We then set our sights on determining what can get salvaged and what materials and structural components must get removed.

Ideally, we would like to preserve as much of your home as we can through the restoration process, but sometimes the severity of the fire causes damages too considerable to get repaired. In these cases, we remove the profoundly damaged materials from the ceilings, walls, and floor to make way for reconstruction efforts to follow. This process involves controlled demolition from our SERVPRO professionals, which is a concise process that seeks only to remove the portions of materials that are too damaged and retain the rest.

You might not ever get fully prepared for the destructive nature of a fire in your home, but fortunately, SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood can help you through every step of this process. You can reach our experienced restoration specialists anytime by calling (310) 572-6132.

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What To Do When A Leaking Washing Machine Causes Water Damage

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage What To Do When A Leaking Washing Machine Causes Water Damage A leaking washing machine can cause water damage to the floor of whatever room it is in if it is routinely unnoticed and goes unfixed.

Water Damage Repair

A leaking washing machine can cause water damage to the floor of whatever room it is in if it is routinely unnoticed and goes unfixed. It is easy to put a load of clothes in and then forget about them, giving plenty of time for the water to absorb into your flooring, walls, or surrounding flooring. By the time you get back to your machine, it may seem like your washer only leaked a small amount of water.

If left for extended periods of time, that water could even evaporate, and you might not notice the leak in your West Hollywood home at all until it is too late. However, little by little, the washing machine can damage the area around it. There is even the possibility of continuously saying to yourself that you should get the leak fixed but forgetting time and time again. Fortunately, when water damage has become a problem, help is not far away.

SERVPRO can send IICRC-certified technicians to your home as soon as possible after receiving your call. Upon arriving at your home, we can inspect the level of damage to your walls, floors, and surrounding belongings. Once establishing what is damaged and determining the ideal tools for the job our technicians can implement a drying plan.

SERVPRO uses advanced drying technology like air movers, axial fans, and dehumidifiers to produce the best environment through encouraging evaporation. Keeping the air devoid of moisture around the spaces that need drying can make it so extracted water cannot travel to other surfaces instead. We strive to reverse the water damage that has set into your floors, belongings, and on your walls as soon as possible so that your laundry space can return to its preloss condition.

When water damage strikes, call SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood area at (310) 572-6132. After receiving your call, we can send our technicians to your home swiftly to return it to pre-damage condition.

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The Commercial Fire Damage Experts of Bel Air

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial The Commercial Fire Damage Experts of Bel Air SERVPRO studies the air flow in your salon to locate where smoke has gone to properly remediate the fire damage.

Rely on SERVPRO for Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

If a fire ever takes place inside your Bel Air beauty salon, there are three methods professionals use to mitigate the problem. Sometimes when items get burnt severely inside your business, they get replaced. Other times items get resurfaced. Many times, cleaning works for restoring items containing soot residues.

Replacement gets expensive for your insurance company, so it is wise to clean as many of the building materials and contents as possible. SERVPRO's commercial fire damage technicians in Bel Air have experience in many different ways of cleaning soot residues left behind by a fire. Cleaning not only is the cheapest form of restoration, but it is also the best to minimize adverse effects on your business.

Whenever restoring smoke-damaged material, our goal is restoring the items to preloss conditions. Our SERVPRO restoration crew applies many different principles of cleaning to accomplish this task. The cleaning process always gets completed in a way that causes minimal strain to the operations of your business.

First, we locate all smoke residues present inside the building. We inspect the building thoroughly by following the smoke from the source. We trace where the smoke went inside the salon based on how the air flows inside the structure.

Next, we identify the types of smoke residues present. When various materials get burned, they leave behind different types of residues. By figuring out what exactly got burned, we have a better idea of which chemicals are most useful when cleaning.

Then, we identify the types of surfaces that got affected by smoke. Soot adheres to surfaces differently. Knowing the type of soot and surface helps us choose the right chemicals and methods for the job.

After that, we capture and remove all residues possible. Soot particles often bond to the surfaces they contact. We always use various wet and dry cleaning methods to remove the soot from the surface.

The final principle of cleaning is to dispose of residues. We always properly dispose of any burnt debris and cleaning waste found inside your beauty salon. For professional help with a fire at any commercial building, call SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood at (310) 572-6132 for assistance 24/7.

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Safety During Flood Damage Cleanup in Your Hollywood Home

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Safety During Flood Damage Cleanup in Your Hollywood Home If your home experiences flood damage, it is important to proceed with caution and call the professionals at SERVPRO to restore your home,

SERVPRO’s Certified Technicians Use Caution When Working around Flood Damage

Anytime there are more rains than drainage systems in Hollywood can handle, there can be flooding. The rain is sometimes heavy for a very short time, which can also result in floods. Other times, there can be light rain for several days or weeks that can cause area flooding. The rains can also cause rivers to overflow their banks. It is common when there is more water upstream than normal, and when it flows downstream to the low-lying areas next to it, there is a burst, and water goes onto the surrounding land.

If your home in Hollywood has become flooded for any reason, it can be a very overwhelming event. Your once safe and cozy home has become a saturated mess that is also probably unsafe because of debris or contaminants in the water. Our professionals at SERVPRO need to be called to help you get your home back to its preloss condition.

Water damage can contain organisms which are a health threat to you and our workers. Dangerous water can include floodwaters, sewage, and condensation from air conditioners. Even water that is clean can pose a problem if it's left in your home long enough. Excessive moisture and water provide just the right environment for the growth of fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

SERVPRO staff treat floodwaters as waste material that can cause health effects. Anytime we are working in environments which contain hazardous waste we have to follow all safety precautions.

Mold can also grow in a wet environment such as a flooded home, and if we find any mold growing, we need to protect ourselves by wearing personal protective equipment. We wear full-body suits with hoods, latex and rubber gloves, and eye protection that includes goggles or full-face masks. We may also wear full or half-face respirators or powered air-purifying respirators which supply air to the full-face mask. Before we begin working, we make sure we are trained and comfortable using all of the equipment.

Since working in a flooded environment can cause health effects, staff at SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood use all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe while restoring your home in Weho, Spaulding Square, or Bel Air. Just reach out to us at (310) 572-6132 as soon as possible after a food so we can help.  

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