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When Your Bel Air Home Is Ravaged By Significant Fire Damages

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage When Your Bel Air Home Is Ravaged By Significant Fire Damages When a fire threatens this house, it can often be enough to make clean up, and restoration seems impossible, or at the very least overwhelming.

Call SERVPRO When Your Home Is Ravaged By A Fire

Your Bel Air home holds all of the things that you hold most dear in the world from the possessions that you have acquired to the family that you love. When a fire threatens this house, it can often be enough to make clean up, and restoration seems impossible, or at the very least overwhelming. Fortunately, even with severe fire damages, you are never alone in helping to set things right again and get your home back to the way it was before this traumatic event occurred.

With the dry air that is common to southern California, structure fires can take a lot of extinguishing efforts to quell. The fire damage that gets left after this long-running blaze can be hard to look at, let alone make sense of how to set it right again and continue living in the house. When it comes to restoring your house after an instance like this, there is a lot that SERVPRO can do to remove the effects of the recent fire or to prepare the area for the reconstruction work that it likely needs.

When our team first arrives at your home, we do a preliminary look at all of the damage to see the full scope of the restoration process we are asked to perform. Inside of this process, we prioritize sealing up any holes or exposed areas where further elemental damage can occur from the outside and make restoration efforts more difficult. We then set our sights on determining what can get salvaged and what materials and structural components must get removed.

Ideally, we would like to preserve as much of your home as we can through the restoration process, but sometimes the severity of the fire causes damages too considerable to get repaired. In these cases, we remove the profoundly damaged materials from the ceilings, walls, and floor to make way for reconstruction efforts to follow. This process involves controlled demolition from our SERVPRO professionals, which is a concise process that seeks only to remove the portions of materials that are too damaged and retain the rest.

You might not ever get fully prepared for the destructive nature of a fire in your home, but fortunately, SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood can help you through every step of this process. You can reach our experienced restoration specialists anytime by calling (310) 572-6132.

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What To Do When A Leaking Washing Machine Causes Water Damage

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage What To Do When A Leaking Washing Machine Causes Water Damage A leaking washing machine can cause water damage to the floor of whatever room it is in if it is routinely unnoticed and goes unfixed.

Water Damage Repair

A leaking washing machine can cause water damage to the floor of whatever room it is in if it is routinely unnoticed and goes unfixed. It is easy to put a load of clothes in and then forget about them, giving plenty of time for the water to absorb into your flooring, walls, or surrounding flooring. By the time you get back to your machine, it may seem like your washer only leaked a small amount of water.

If left for extended periods of time, that water could even evaporate, and you might not notice the leak in your West Hollywood home at all until it is too late. However, little by little, the washing machine can damage the area around it. There is even the possibility of continuously saying to yourself that you should get the leak fixed but forgetting time and time again. Fortunately, when water damage has become a problem, help is not far away.

SERVPRO can send IICRC-certified technicians to your home as soon as possible after receiving your call. Upon arriving at your home, we can inspect the level of damage to your walls, floors, and surrounding belongings. Once establishing what is damaged and determining the ideal tools for the job our technicians can implement a drying plan.

SERVPRO uses advanced drying technology like air movers, axial fans, and dehumidifiers to produce the best environment through encouraging evaporation. Keeping the air devoid of moisture around the spaces that need drying can make it so extracted water cannot travel to other surfaces instead. We strive to reverse the water damage that has set into your floors, belongings, and on your walls as soon as possible so that your laundry space can return to its preloss condition.

When water damage strikes, call SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood area at (310) 572-6132. After receiving your call, we can send our technicians to your home swiftly to return it to pre-damage condition.

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The Commercial Fire Damage Experts of Bel Air

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial The Commercial Fire Damage Experts of Bel Air SERVPRO studies the air flow in your salon to locate where smoke has gone to properly remediate the fire damage.

Rely on SERVPRO for Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

If a fire ever takes place inside your Bel Air beauty salon, there are three methods professionals use to mitigate the problem. Sometimes when items get burnt severely inside your business, they get replaced. Other times items get resurfaced. Many times, cleaning works for restoring items containing soot residues.

Replacement gets expensive for your insurance company, so it is wise to clean as many of the building materials and contents as possible. SERVPRO's commercial fire damage technicians in Bel Air have experience in many different ways of cleaning soot residues left behind by a fire. Cleaning not only is the cheapest form of restoration, but it is also the best to minimize adverse effects on your business.

Whenever restoring smoke-damaged material, our goal is restoring the items to preloss conditions. Our SERVPRO restoration crew applies many different principles of cleaning to accomplish this task. The cleaning process always gets completed in a way that causes minimal strain to the operations of your business.

First, we locate all smoke residues present inside the building. We inspect the building thoroughly by following the smoke from the source. We trace where the smoke went inside the salon based on how the air flows inside the structure.

Next, we identify the types of smoke residues present. When various materials get burned, they leave behind different types of residues. By figuring out what exactly got burned, we have a better idea of which chemicals are most useful when cleaning.

Then, we identify the types of surfaces that got affected by smoke. Soot adheres to surfaces differently. Knowing the type of soot and surface helps us choose the right chemicals and methods for the job.

After that, we capture and remove all residues possible. Soot particles often bond to the surfaces they contact. We always use various wet and dry cleaning methods to remove the soot from the surface.

The final principle of cleaning is to dispose of residues. We always properly dispose of any burnt debris and cleaning waste found inside your beauty salon. For professional help with a fire at any commercial building, call SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood at (310) 572-6132 for assistance 24/7.

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Safety During Flood Damage Cleanup in Your Hollywood Home

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Safety During Flood Damage Cleanup in Your Hollywood Home If your home experiences flood damage, it is important to proceed with caution and call the professionals at SERVPRO to restore your home,

SERVPRO’s Certified Technicians Use Caution When Working around Flood Damage

Anytime there are more rains than drainage systems in Hollywood can handle, there can be flooding. The rain is sometimes heavy for a very short time, which can also result in floods. Other times, there can be light rain for several days or weeks that can cause area flooding. The rains can also cause rivers to overflow their banks. It is common when there is more water upstream than normal, and when it flows downstream to the low-lying areas next to it, there is a burst, and water goes onto the surrounding land.

If your home in Hollywood has become flooded for any reason, it can be a very overwhelming event. Your once safe and cozy home has become a saturated mess that is also probably unsafe because of debris or contaminants in the water. Our professionals at SERVPRO need to be called to help you get your home back to its preloss condition.

Water damage can contain organisms which are a health threat to you and our workers. Dangerous water can include floodwaters, sewage, and condensation from air conditioners. Even water that is clean can pose a problem if it's left in your home long enough. Excessive moisture and water provide just the right environment for the growth of fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

SERVPRO staff treat floodwaters as waste material that can cause health effects. Anytime we are working in environments which contain hazardous waste we have to follow all safety precautions.

Mold can also grow in a wet environment such as a flooded home, and if we find any mold growing, we need to protect ourselves by wearing personal protective equipment. We wear full-body suits with hoods, latex and rubber gloves, and eye protection that includes goggles or full-face masks. We may also wear full or half-face respirators or powered air-purifying respirators which supply air to the full-face mask. Before we begin working, we make sure we are trained and comfortable using all of the equipment.

Since working in a flooded environment can cause health effects, staff at SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood use all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe while restoring your home in Weho, Spaulding Square, or Bel Air. Just reach out to us at (310) 572-6132 as soon as possible after a food so we can help.  

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Kitchen Fire Damage In Your Bel Air Home

2/26/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Kitchen Fire Damage In Your Bel Air Home Distracted cooking is a huge problem which causes many kitchen fires in Bel Air.

Kitchen Fire Damage

Distracted cooking is a huge problem which causes many kitchen fires in Bel Air. Whether your doorbell rings or a child needs your help, you can easily walk away and forget that you left something on the stove. It does not take long for a fire to start, or for it to spread. Making sure you take precautions like having fresh batteries in your smoke detectors, staying in the kitchen while cooking, not cooking while you are tired and setting cooking timers are all good things to help you stay safe.

A kitchen fire, even if small and put out fairly quickly, can leave behind a lot of fire damage plus smoke damage. You need to get it cleaned up as fast as possible, so your Bel Air home does not sustain additional damage. Our SERVPRO staff can help you clean everything up and make any needed repairs so you can get back to your regular way of life.

Not all soot and smoke residues are the same. Some are easier to clean than others. The four types that are most often seen are wet smoke, dry smoke, fuel oil, and protein smoke residues. The kind of materials that burned affects the aerosols and smoke particles made by the fire. Natural materials like cork, wood, natural fibers, and paper produce dry smoke. Synthetic materials like foam rubber, plastics, and other polymers produce wet smoke.

Kitchen fires usually involve burning poultry, meat, or fish. These materials leave protein residues when burned, which could be amber or yellow, or practically invisible, causing just a slight discoloration of cabinet surfaces and painted walls. SERVPRO techs understand that protein smoke odors are very pungent, so odor removal is the most significant problem in these kinds of fires. The odors in protein fires cannot be controlled without us thoroughly cleaning every surface that is contaminated with greasy protein residue. Sometimes, the whole home can need cleaning even though residue concentrations are not apparent.

SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood are the ones to call to clean your home in Weho, Spaulding Square, or Melrose District after a kitchen fire. We make sure to thoroughly clean all the soot and smoke residues so your home can be like it was before the fire when you give us a call at (310) 572-6132.

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Removing Mold Damage In West Hollywood

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Removing Mold Damage In West Hollywood Stopping the growth and removing mold damage in West Hollywood homes takes more than a fresh coat of paint.

Mold Damage Removal

Mold is not a problem West Hollywood residents tend to think about; fires yes, but no one thinks about mold until they see or smell it. When they do, many residents think it means they do not clean house often enough and then try to spray bleach or paint over an obvious smear of mold in a bathroom or under a kitchen sink.

Stopping the growth and removing mold damage in West Hollywood homes takes more than a fresh coat of paint. SERVPRO also knows that poor housekeeping has nothing to do with mold growth. Spores are inert and harmless until, at the right Temperature range, they encounter enough Moisture to expand then find a large enough Food Source to expand the new colony.

Most molds grow and thrive from 68 to 86 degrees. That makes stopping mold growth by manipulating the temperature extremely difficult since this is also the comfort range for workers. In the cases where we can, our teams use the home’s heating and air system if it is functioning or a series of space heaters for small rooms like a bathroom.

Mold spores have to have a source of water or very humid surroundings just to expand, let alone begin to grow and replicate. Removing the source of moisture stops mold growth and the spores soon return to their natural, inert state. SERVPRO teams can accomplish this by finding the source of the water, stopping the leak, and then drying up any drips or puddles. If the problem is the humidity, we can lower that to normal levels using dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the air and exhaust fans to force damp air out of the affected home.

Food Source
Once mold begins to grow, it extends hyphae. These structures resemble root structures and serve the same purpose; to find food. Unfortunately, nearly every type of building material in a home can serve as a food source. Mold quickly compromises more fragile materials like drywall, and it is both easier and cheaper to remove and replace them. For sturdier materials like wood framing, we can remove the mold with sandpaper or a power sander as long as the infestation is not too deep.

SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood has helped our neighbors restore their homes after a disaster for more than twenty years. If you need our help with a mold problem, call us today at (310) 572-6132 to schedule an inspection.

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How Can You Prevent Water Damage Disaster to Your Bel Air Home?

2/17/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Can You Prevent Water Damage Disaster to Your Bel Air Home? Regularly cleaning your gutters, keeping them free of debris can prevent water damage to your home.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

Water damage due to clogged drains, busted pipes or leaky faucets can cause significant damage to your home. It is crucial for a homeowner to remedy the water damage as soon as possible to avoid a possible catastrophe. That said, if you are vigilant and attentive, you can prevent water damage from turning into a full-blown disaster.

The first and arguably the most important thing to do in case of water damage to your Bel Air home is to seek professional help as soon as possible. Experienced SERVPRO technicians can get the problem under control should you face any water damage issues. The following tips can help you prevent water damage in the first place.

Clean Your Roof and Gutters

Cleaning gutters is a chore that most homeowners neglect. If the gutters are not cleaned properly, the clogged water can leak through the roof, into the basement or even reach the foundation of your home potentially causing massive damage. SERVPRO technicians strongly suggest homeowners schedule an inspection of their gutters and look for any signs of clogging to prevent any potential water damage issues.

Avoid Cleaning Clogged Drain with Chemicals

Every home experiences clogged sinks every once in a while. It can be tempting to get the damage rectified by using the much-advertised drain unclogging chemicals. However, the fact is that these chemicals can cause more harm than you may realize. The caustic chemicals present in these unclogging liquids can rot away your drain pipes and make them leaky amplifying your water damage problem. Call in experts to deal with clogged drains and try to fix the underlying cause of the clogs rather than look for a quick fix.

Avoid Pouring Grease Down the Sink

Pouring grease down your sink is the worst thing you can do to your plumbing. No matter whether you flush it down with hot water or not, it is a bad idea. The grease can congeal and cling to the plumbing increasing the rate of clogs. Letting it harden and chucking it in the trash, is a better way to dispose of grease than pouring it down the drain.

Again, despite taking all precautions, water damage can still occur and when it does, call SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood at (310) 572-6132 as soon as you can!

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Cleaning Commercial Fire Damage in Bel Air

1/31/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Cleaning Commercial Fire Damage in Bel Air SERVPRO has the experience and training to properly restore your business after fire damage.

SERVPRO’s Fire Damage Restoration Cleaning Methods

Restoring property in a Bel Air business is usually cheaper than the cost to replace it. Many insurance companies prefer to pay for restoration, and often require an inspection and an attempt to clean the item before agreeing to write it off and writing a check for replacement.

Consideration must be given to restoration of commercial fire damage to your Bel Air business whenever it may be an option. SERVPRO has extensive experience in Southern California using multiple cleaning methods. Each one is an option when it comes to remediating the effects fire has on furniture stores and other shops in our area.

Dry cleaning is our initial method, and we can use it on nearly every surface. For light-to-medium, non-greasy residues, we can use dusting cloths or dry sponges to wipe off dry particles from surfaces. For heavier residues and light debris, we may bring in specially designed vacuums to remove most of it.

Wet cleaning is the method we begin with for moderate-to-heavy smoke and soot residues. We can remove them by saturating the contaminated surface with water and allowing it to soak for a short time before removing residues with a sponge. If the residue is very heavy, we can still remove it using one of our cleaning agents mixed with water to break up the residue before wiping or vacuuming.

Spray and wipe is a method that uses a spray bottle to apply a mix of water and cleaning agent directly. SERVPRO technicians prefer using it on fabrics that are at risk for color running since it gives them more control of how much product they use on each spot of residue.

Foam cleaning is similar to spray and wipe, but it uses less moisture than spray and wipe method. Our IICRC certified technicians can use either a pump-up sprayer or agitate the mix of water and cleaning agent in a bucket by hand. We lightly spray or dip a sponge into the foam and then work it into the material. For very heavy residues, we can remove them using a soft, upholstery brush to remove residue that already worked itself into the material.

We use abrasive cleaning methods on the rocks used for outdoor patios and some marble surfaces in the kitchen. When possible, we try to use scrubbing pads with a cleaning agent, but it is necessary on occasion to use steel wool or a stiff brush to remove very thick residues.

Immersion cleaning is our method of last resort in most cases. We soak items with heavy residue in a tank of cleaning agent and then use sound waves to agitate millions of bubbles that scrub surfaces very efficiently. It is especially useful for items like Venetian blinds.

Restoring your business is not a quick task, but SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood has decades of experience to help you reopen as fast as possible. If you have fire damage and need our help to remove it; call (310) 572-6132 today to get started.

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Flood Damage Can Happen to Your West Hollywood Home

1/27/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Can Happen to Your West Hollywood Home SERVPRO Directs Storm Water Extraction from West Hollywood Homes

Removal of Water and Disinfecting Storm-Damaged Homes in West Hollywood Are a Cornerstone of SERVPRO Cleanup and Restoration Services

Too much water on the ground leads to flooding incidents in West Hollywood. Sometimes flooding affects a house or two on any particular street, while during other times, entire blocks become saturated after a super-heavy rainfall.

When residences in West Hollywood sustain flood damage from any source, clearing the water away and cleaning the home inside and out become crucial activities. Without them, water from the flood continually creates more and more damage. SERVPRO wants to assist homeowners with their recovery efforts, regardless of the flood's source, severity, or level of contamination.

Rainwater poses substantial risks to homes when draining away becomes hindered, but broken water mains can flood isolated areas. Homes located downhill from a broken water main often sustain extensive damages unexpectedly. The contamination absorbed before such water enters your home can pose many risks to your health. While the water starts out as clean, it does not remain that way.

Floods carry substantial numbers of pathogens, high amounts of chemicals from the road, lawns, and other sources such as garbage and animal waste, and other particles that come from the soil. Silt and sand retain moisture, permitting any pathogens to remain active after entering your home. Chemicals and oils can stain or otherwise damage your home's interior in ways that water alone might not cause. Pathogens also end up in carpeting, lower shelves, inside cabinets, and many other low-lying spots in your home.

SERVPRO technicians use moisture meters to detect high levels of moisture inside a residence. Touching walls and other porous surfaces inside your home do not tell us as accurately where dampness exists. With an electronic device, we can find areas needing treatment or removal much more quickly and accurately. This prevents your home from developing future problems like secondary water damage.

Capillary action and wicking can allow contaminated flood water to spread throughout your home. Microscopic microbes of all types can travel along with such water. However, SERVPRO technicians obtain their Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT) certifications from the IICRC, ensuring they know proper and effective methods to mitigate any contamination from flood damage. In-house, on-going video and complementary training programs are also available to assure our customers of the highest level of expertise in dealing with flood-related water removal and disinfecting.

To ensure that your home's restoration happens quickly, SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood offers our community 24-hour services. Whenever your residence sustains flood damage, call (310) 572-6132 to discuss how we can help restore your home "Like it never even happened."

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Understanding Fire Damage in Bel Air Homes

1/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Understanding Fire Damage in Bel Air Homes If your home is facing fire damage, contact SERVPRO right after the fire fighters leave for a quick response and best results.

SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Evaluate the Path That the Fire Took Through Your Home to Properly Remediate the Damage

Open flames make for great news, but they are rarely the biggest source of damage to Bel Air homes. Heat affects structural and property surfaces more, but smoke residues are the primary sources of concern and restoration cost.
Cleaning the effects of Bel Air fire damage takes not just tools and cleaning agents, but a thorough knowledge of how it happened. That means understanding, among other factors, how hot the fire burned which generated the smoke and how hot were the surfaces the smoke penetrated or settled onto during the fire. SERVPRO inspectors and technicians learn everything we can about these factors before we start each task.
Temperatures are necessary to know because they determine convection. It is how smoke moves through a home. Simply put, hot air rises which forces cooler air downward, usually back to the heat source. The air heats again, pushing its way back and forcing the now cooler air back down. Smoke is carried with the air, spreading it across ceilings and walls as long as the fire has enough oxygen and material to burn.
The heat from the hotter air expands or ‘opens’ the surfaces, allowing smoke to penetrate farther into the material and leave residues deeper than at lower, cooler areas of the home. That makes smoke residue left on ceilings and upper walls more difficult for a SERVPRO restoration team to clean.
The surfaces in the cooler areas of the home are more ‘closed’ to smoke penetration than hotter areas, but they attract more hot smoke than warmer surfaces. Windows, for example, have a greatly cooler temperature outside the home. Closets, if closed, have a cooler, inside temperature that partially insulates them. Both surfaces usually have a very thick layer of residue, but they rarely have more than minor damage.
Knowing these factors provide us the knowledge to properly clean the affected surfaces. For surfaces that remained ‘closed’ to smoke residues, our technicians use cloths and sponges to remove the majority of it with perhaps a small amount of water or cleaning agent to remove everything. If the surface was more directly affected by the heat, we might need to use some agitation device like a wire brush with a cleaning agent to remove every trace of residue.
Restoring a home with fire damage is not a simple process, but SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood has the knowledge, tools, and cleaning agents to make it a successful one. If you need our services for your home, call us today at (310) 372-6132.

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