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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Property Loss from Natural Events or Human Error? In Bel Air Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Recovery

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

Bel Air Problems with Water, Mold, Fire, or Earthquakes? SERVPRO Can Help with Property Restoration Services

Reasons Bel Air Homeowners Trust SERVPRO for Restoration Services After Water, Mold, Fire or Storm Damage

Many types of damage can happen in Bel Air homes requiring restoration services. Water damage resulting from broken pipes or supply line failures are among the most common reasons, along with damage from storms. According to the National Fire Protection Association, homeowners average five residential fires during their lifetimes.  

When SERVPRO gets the calls to help a Bel Air resident mitigate water damage, we know it is vital to be on site as quickly as possible. No matter if the problem stems from a seal on a pipe breaking, hot water tank fail or appliance failure, we know the longer the home structure and contents have exposure to excessive moisture, the more damage happens.  

Our team members are Water Damage Restoration Technicians and have access to a broad range of equipment to perform professional water extraction. Two frequently used pieces of equipment are our portable pumps which work well in both large and small spaces, and the Rover are ride-on machines that use the weight of the technicians to push water out of carpeting and padding. Using the knowledge gained as certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians (CCT), on a case-by-case basis, our employees save carpeting from water loss and restore it using our proprietary methods, including specialized drying techniques.  
Subflooring, wall cavities, and floor joists present unique problems for water removal and drying. When water wicks into sheetrock, we use our moisture detection equipment to determine how far into the building material it is. Then, using a controlled demolition technique known as "flood cuts," we cut roughly six-inches above the waterline and remove the damaged sheetrock. This action allows for adequate airflow within wall cavities.  

When drying subflooring and floor joists, we frequently use drying mats which are flat mats with numerous hoses to direct air within difficult-to-reach spaces. Once dry, we turn our attention to creating a sanitary residence for the residents. Our technicians use our professional-grade solutions to disinfect all surfaces, which also inhibits the growth of mold and leaves the premises fresh and clean.

Like all home disasters, we approach Bel Air fire damage cleanup with both compassion and professionalism. We know dealing with the need for restoration as well as filing insurance claims may feel overwhelming. That is why when SERVPRO works on a site, we communicate with both the adjuster and the property owner to ensure everyone is on the same page from start to finish of mitigation.

SERVPRO team members go through extensive training to become certified as Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRT.) They learn the best practices to limit fire loss for homeowners. Our goal is always to restore rather than replace, and we have the equipment and expertise to make that a reality in many cases.  

Standard fire cleanup actions include:

    Removal of charred building materials through controlled   demolition

    Use of dry cleaning and wet sponges to get rid of smoke residue and soot

    Containment in fire-affected rooms to limit the spread of soot

    Thorough cleaning of the HVAC ductwork when needed to remove soot

    Packout of undamaged possessions to secure storage at our facility or a secure on-site storage pod

Smoke odor is a significant obstacle after even a small fire in a home. Soot particles exist smaller than the human eye can see with the potential to cause strong odors. SERVPRO team members undergo intense training to learn methods of removal for all types of smoke odors. Some frequently used types of odor control include time-release gel pellets to cover light smoke odors to equipment such as thermal fogging delivers a solvent heated as a fog that penetrates porous objects and stops odors from deeply embedded soot particles. Hydroxyl generators are highly useful as they utilize UV light rays to neutralize soot particles at the molecular level eradicating odors.

It is difficult to find out your Bel Air home needs mold remediation. Once discovered, it is vital to bring in professional help as mold colonies spread, and a small mold problem becomes a big one fast.

Mold damage can occur as a result of excessive moisture or ventilation problems such as an exhaust fan that poorly ports away humidity during steamy showers and the moisture gets trapped in an attic, over time if the temperatures are right and there are organic substances to consume such as wood beams or sheetrock. Any of these occurrences should be professionally mitigated to ensure secondary damages are not an issue in the future. SERVPRO team members undergo extensive training to become certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians. We know the most common areas that have mold growth and the signs to find hidden colonies behind walls, in attics or under flooring.  

Though rarely needed, we use the services of an industrial hygienist to test the air quality and determine the type of mold spores present. This extreme inspection may be necessary for commercial type sterile remediations like hospitals or surgery centers. Containment is vital during mold remediation such as heavy plastic over doorways and vents in the affected rooms to stop spores from spreading the ductwork. Another common technique for containment uses negative air chambers to port away captured spores.  

While 100% of mold removal is not possible inside or outside of homes, as spores occur naturally, part of our mitigation profession involves eliminating favorable conditions for growth. After our technicians dry the excess moisture and bring down indoor humidity levels below 45%, we take measures to ensure the issue does not return and identify the root cause of the problem along with solutions. We perform the removal of dried colonies with hand vacuums with HEPA filtration to capture minute particles. SERVPRO techs often turn to soda blasting as a preferred method of abatement for stubborn, stuck-on colonies.  

Storm damage occurs in Bel Air homes in numerous ways. While sunny days occur frequently, intense storms in this region bring problems ranging from rainwater in attics from leaky a roof to flash flooding caused by the inability of the drought-hardened ground to absorb water efficiently.  

When groundwater enters a home, although in many cases it dissipates quickly, the debris, mud or contaminants brings devastation to a home. Because groundwater carries a class three biohazard rating, SERVPRO advises homeowners to not come in contact with the water until we can have it tested to determine what contaminants it contains. It this is groundwater that has flooded the property, then the assumption is always of a Black Water contamination problem. Our technicians wear full-body protective gear during remediation of flood damage.

Before we arrive on-site for flood water cleanup, one action homeowners can take to limit loss is to remove items from the area of the water intrusion if there is no danger of coming into direct contact with the water. In this way, they can get things out of harm's way.  

In cases of deep water in a home, we have submersible pumps to extract the water quickly. Our standard portable pumps with weighted extraction wands push water out of dense, saturated carpeting so it can be cut and disposed of without danger of injury. To dry the premises after flood water removal, our technicians use the science of psychrometrics to set up air movers to not only dry the property but also pull embedded moisture to the surface where the dehumidification equipment then removes it.  

Why SERVPRO? When a disaster occurs in a Bel Air home, professional restoration services are a must-have. DIY methods may clean surface issues, but it takes both training and experience to restore a property to its preloss condition. Our technicians have extensive training in the restoration sciences as suggested through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) guidelines, primarily regarded as teaching the highest level of quality methods and best practices.

SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood serves the local area providing home restoration services for water, fire, storm damage, or mold remediation needs. Call (310) 572-6132, and we can be on-site quickly and make your home loss of any size "Like it never even happened."


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