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Mold Damage In West Hollywood

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

Restoring your home to normal after a mold infestation is a complicated process.

Mold Remediation And Restoration

Few residents and homeowners in West Hollywood think about mold. Flooding and especially fire right now, are what they think about when the words ‘home disaster’ is mentioned. Not every mold produces that distinctive musty odor, and since it usually grows out of sight, a colony of mold spores can be huge before being noticed.

Cleaning mold damage from West Hollywood homes requires an experienced restoration company. To return a residence to its pre-mold condition, SERVPRO technicians determine the extent of the growth, what it is covering, and how to remove it without spreading mold spores further.

First, we isolate the mold. Regardless if the mold is in large part of the home or a small area like one or two rooms, we seal them off to prevent spreading to the rest of the home. Technicians use plastic sheeting to cover doors, windows, and other points of entry and exit. That includes sealing off the central air system.

Next, we examine the surfaces in the infested rooms and other areas. An inspection allows us to determine which cleaning methods, tools, and cleaners are needed. Every surface from ceiling tiles to the carpets fall into three categories: porous, non-porous, and semi-porous.

Examples of porous surfaces are drywall, carpets, and upholstery. Drywall and other building materials we wipe down using sponges and dry cloths. If the layer of the mold is thick, we use water and cleaners sparingly to avoid damaging them. For carpets and upholstery, we often start with commercial grade vacuums using special HEPA filters. These filters are designed to capture even a single, tiny spore.

If there is mold still trapped on the surfaces, SERVPRO technicians use spray bottles to apply water or anti-fungal cleaning agent to dampen them. A small amount of moisture loosens mold so we can remove it with dry or wet sponges and cloths. After the surfaces dry out, we may use the vacuums again.

Non-porous surfaces include glass, metal, and some marble countertops. On the majority of jobs, we remove mold with dry cloths and sponges. For very thick layers, we use an anti-fungal cleaner to dampen and break them up before wiping the mold away. For extreme infestations, we may use vacuums to remove the mold safely.

Outside decks and concrete pads are examples of semi-porous surfaces. These are rough surfaces and often require tools like wire brushes to remove mold spores from every surface crack. The cleaners we use would scratch, mar, or otherwise damage other surface types. If mold has grown down into the wood decks, our technicians use powered sanders to remove the upper layers to get to the mold.

Restoring your home to normal after a mold infestation is a complicated process. SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood has helped our neighbors put their residences, and lives, back together for almost twenty years. If you need our team, call today at (310) 572-6132.

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