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Rainstorms, Compromised Window Seals, Wet Walls? SERVPRO Can Help West Hollywood Home Owners with Rapid Cleanup

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Rainstorms, Compromised Window Seals, Wet Walls? SERVPRO Can Help West Hollywood Home Owners with Rapid Cleanup Storm Damage from Roof, Foundation, and Window Leaks? West Hollywood Property Owners Call on SERVPRO for Water Loss Mitigation

West Hollywood's Flood Damage Technicians Talk about Problems with Leaky Window Seals 

The rain in West Hollywood can sometimes get intense and come down very hard. These vicious thunderstorms can cause water to leak into your home from weak spots in the structure requiring you to get a hold of a professional flood damage restoration company such as SERVPRO. Common ways water and moisture can enter a building after a rainstorm include, seeping in from a leaky roof or from apertures that are built into the structure like doors or windows. The seals of your doors and windows can wear over time and lose their ability to keep out moisture. If water gains entry into your house, flood damage can result.

In some cases, windows that are set high up in your entranceway or living room area can be a place where moisture enters. When the window is set high up, the water will follow gravity and cause flood damage in your West Hollywoodhome as it makes its way to your floor. Any moisture that made its way in could get behind your drywall and into your wall' cavity. Once this occurs, your wooden studs and the paper on the back of your drywall are both at risk for mold contamination. If organic materials like these stay wet for more than 48 hours, mold can form inside these voids.

Water coming from the top of your house down can create many issues with your window frame, drywall, and other structural components. If the drywall got saturated, then our SERVPROtechnicians might have to remove it around your leaking window. In some situations, we can use injection drying methods to pump air into your wall cavities so that it dries out the back of your drywall and wooden studs. If other materials get wet and the relative humidity level inside your house is high, then we set up air movers and dehumidifier to rapid dry out your contents and building materials.

If you ever notice a leak in your window after a heavy rainstorm, call SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood at (310) 572-6132. We are available 24 hours a day.

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SERVPRO Uses State-of-the-Art Equipment to Remediate Flood Damage in Hollywood

1/28/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO Uses State-of-the-Art Equipment to Remediate Flood Damage in Hollywood Storms can bring flooding to Southern California. Call SERVPRO when unexpected water invades your home.

How SERVPRO Deals with Flood Damage in West Hollywood Using Advanced Equipment

Surging storm waters can reach different parts of your Hollywood property leaving contaminated groundwater, which needs immediate extraction. Taking too long before extracting creates different problems including creating an opportunity for microbial proliferation or structural deterioration. Calling a professional restoration helps fast track the process because of the use of sophisticated equipment to extract water and perform other restorative actions.  

The equipment chosen for extraction can determine the speed of restoring flood damage in West Hollywood. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on our high-capacity truck mounted water extractors, which typically have a 185.71 to 198.98 vacuum lift capacity, which is sufficient in most cases. In cases where the standing water level exceeds two inches in depth, we opt for submersible pumps, to increase efficiency.

Proper disposal of the wastewater removed is essential. Floodwaters contain a cocktail of contaminants, which if not disposed of properly can lead to other problems. The best disposal is through treated sewage systems so if a home has a septic system, an alternative disposal solution is necessary. The water extractors used by our SERVPRO technicians have storage tanks that help in the transfer of the wastewater removed. Some truck-mounted water extractors can hold over 100 gallons. In cases involving disposal of high volumes of water, we liaise with septic tank companies.  

Dealing with the contaminants left after the floodwaters recede, can be overwhelming. Floodwaters in most cases leave silt, mud, raw sewage and other debris in the affected areas. Our SERVPRO technicians use pressure washers for fast cleanup of wet soiling from the affected areas. We also use regular tools such as shovels and rakes to remove silt and other similar debris. We understand the need to contain the spread of contamination after such incidents. Our technicians use various spraying equipment to deliver EPA-registered disinfectants directly to all affected areas.  

Recovery after a flooding incident is easier when using the right resources. Call SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood at (310) 572-6132. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Some Mistakes in West Hollywood Fire Damage Prevention That You Should Avoid

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Some Mistakes in West Hollywood Fire Damage Prevention That You Should Avoid Toasters are a common point of origin for a fire. Keep an eye out while using your appliances and contact SERVPRO if your kitchen has fire damages.

Neglecting to Clean Out Your Toaster Can Cause Fire Damage in Your West Hollywood Home 

Most appliances need to be cleaned regularly, and some of them can cause fire damage if they are neglected. Usually, this is caused by bits of byproduct being left behind that can catch fire relatively quickly. When it comes to the toaster in your kitchen, crumbs that fall from the bread dry out and become the perfect kindling for a fire as they gather at the bottom of the device. Failing to clean it regularly can cause damage that may end up costing you in the long run.
Putting bread in your toaster and then going to do something while it does its job is a fairly standard way to begin your morning, but it can quickly turn into a disaster when the toaster causes fire damage in your West Hollywood kitchen. Upon detecting the smoke coming from your kitchen, you swiftly returned and used your fire extinguisher to put the small blaze out. The toaster had spread the across your countertop, impacting your cereal boxes, bread, and the plastic containers with flour and sugar inside of them. You may have put out the fire, but that is not the end of the damage, and it is essential at this point to get professional help to your home as soon as possible.
Here at SERVPRO, we always strive to travel to your home swiftly after being contacted by you. Fire damages can be overwhelming for you, as a homeowner, and we understand that they are extremely time sensitive, so we always try to arrive as quickly as possible. From the moment the fire is put out, the soot in your kitchen can begin to cause discoloration and adhere itself to whatever surface it landed on. Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified techs can promptly do an investigation and then apply their expertise to the situation so that they may pick an appropriate method of remediation.
After throwing out the ruined toaster, cereals, and staple containers, SERVPRO can focus on removing the molten sugar from your countertop and the soot stains around it. Because of the sugar, our technicians can choose a chemical method of remediation, using a solution that eats away at the grease, soot, and sugar left behind. Fires can leave behind a foul smell in addition to soot and SERVPRO can use equipment such as thermal foggers to attack the scent on a particle level, neutralizing the scent and leaving your home fire-reminder free.
If a fire breaks out in your home and it suffers damage, never wait. Phone SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood by calling (310) 572-6132. Day or night, our techs are always ready to come to your home and help.
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SERVPRO Will Destroy Mold In Your West Hollywood Home

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO Will Destroy Mold In Your West Hollywood Home Only the experts know how to get rid of mold once and for all call SERVPRO today.

SERVPRO - Mold Remediation In West Hollywood

Any homeowner or resident in West Hollywood can find mold in their house, condo, or apartment. Except for surgery units and special, industrial areas, every home and business in our community has mold. Usually, they are inert and harmless, but with enough moisture, they can expand and grow into a problem that can compromise structures and cause negative health effects in some people.
West Hollywood citizens need mold remediation. SERVPRO special teams train to return each dwelling and its contents to their original, pre-mold condition. Our office keeps an extensive inventory of cleaning and disinfecting agents, and equipment to help every customer get their home, and life, back to normal.
Two of the anti-fungal cleaners we use in most homes are commercial grade disinfectants and sterilants. The disinfectants kill almost 98 percent of mold spores, as well as a host of other contaminants found in apartments, condos, and other residences. Among the types our team members use are chlorine, cleaning alcohols, formaldehyde, and phenols.
The sterilants SERVPRO technicians use are the strongest chemical agents in our inventory. They destroy every micro-organism on contact, so our teams use them sparingly, and only while wearing protective gear. Despite their strength, sterilants do not pit surfaces, making them ideal for porcelain sinks and faucets in bathrooms and kitchens.
One of the more difficult items to restore after a mold infestation is upholstered furniture. The spores can penetrate through the fabric and into the padding and wood underneath. Technicians use a shampoo combined with one of our anti-fungal agents to deep clean and destroy mold spores. After they allow the item time to dry, team members use vacuums that contain HEPA filters to remove them. These filters are designed to catch and trap mold spores, eliminating the threat of a recurrence.
Not every residence in our area has a mold problem, but SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood understands that each home can develop one. If you can see mold growing along the ceiling in your bathroom, or detect that unique, musty odor in the laundry room, call us at (310) 572-6132 today to schedule an inspection. We are here for you.

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How SERVPRO Can Help Turn Your Water Back on in West Hollywood

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How SERVPRO Can Help Turn Your Water Back on in West Hollywood Close-up of water leaking from a sink pipe in a home.

Restoring Service Can Hurt Water Lines in West Hollywood Homes

While many people consider their water service getting shut off as a significant inconvenience, sometimes this process is necessary to install new hardware in your West Hollywood home or to repair a damaged component of the plumbing system. The trouble with removing the water from the pipes moving through your residence is that this space now gets filled with air instead. While many experienced plumbers know to bleed out this air when refilling the lines when the job is complete, human errors happen more readily than you might think. 

To understand how air in your lines can ultimately cause water damage to your West Hollywood home, you have to imagine that this air has filled up the pipes in your home entirely. Filling it with water, causes the two to have to share the same space and pressure builds within the line at the highest points in the house. Water forces the air to the peak of the lines, and without relief to the growing pressure by turning on a faucet or fixture, can cause a separation at a weak joint. 

Our SERVPRO professionals can help you to not only identify the source of the break when we first arrive through our leak detection equipment, but we can work to mitigate your loss from the flowing water throughout this affected area of the property.  Our licensed contractors on staff can reconstruct the damaged line with new components as our other technicians set out to remove contents from the wet areas and set up equipment for efficient drying. 

Once the water is ready to get turned back on to the house after we have repaired the plumbing and mitigated the situation, we can bleed the pressure from the line as we resupply the pipes to prevent a recurrence.

Human errors and mishaps can account for many of the water damage disasters that our SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood rapid response team works to resolve. You can count on our team to be there any time you need us with the tools and expertise to make a difference quickly. Give us a call today at (310) 572-6132.

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Is Mold Germinating Your Hollywood Residence?

12/20/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Is Mold Germinating Your Hollywood Residence? Once mold starts growing, it easily spreads and can get out of control. Call SERVPRO when you suspect mold.

West Hollywood's Mold Remediation Experts Talk About Equipment Used During Mitigation

Whenever moisture enters the inside of a structure in West Hollywood, it can cause serious contamination issues if any organic materials stay wet for more than 48 hours. Once fungi forms inside your house, they could start causing health effects making mold remediation by a professional company such as SERVPRO essential. Once microbes activate by moisture contact, they start forming structures called hyphae. The hyphae grow root-like anchors that sink deep into the materials causing the structures to stick to surfaces. The formations then start releasing spores into the air to create larger colonies until professional mold remediation gets conducted.  

Once you find contamination inside your home, it is wise to call in the professionals at SERVPRO. Our West Hollywood mold remediation team can arrive at your residence quickly at any hour of the day. Once fungal problems exist they can get worse if not mitigated. A fungus can release spores that get into the air and contaminate the airflow inside your building. These spores can then float throughout your house and can affect other areas far away from the fungi's initial source.  

Once our SERVPRO team arrives at your home, we inspect your property and determine the extent and severity of the damage. Once we figure out how big the mold colonies have grown and we find all of the places that are affected, we devise a plan to treat the contamination and reduce the chances of future issues. Our technicians have many industrially advanced tools at their disposal that can help with treating contamination and reducing potential air quality problems. To eliminate spores from the air, we can use air scrubbers that pull contaminated air through a HEPA filter that traps even the smallest particles. We also often use vacuums equipped with HEPA filters to remove dust and debris created during the restoration process.  

If the contamination is severe, we sometimes use sanders or soda blasters to scrape the mold off of the contaminated surfaces. If ever you should notice the presence of black mold inside your home, call SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood at (310) 572-6132 24 hours a day.  

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If Your West Hollywood Business Has A Flood Damage Issue, You Need Our Experts To Help!

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial If Your West Hollywood Business Has A Flood Damage Issue, You Need Our Experts To Help! Unfortunately, torrential rain storms do not wait for an invitation, passing over the landscape with a vengeance.

SERVPRO To The Rescue When West Hollywood Businesses Suffer Flood Damage

Flooding after West Hollywood storms is a challenge local businesses would rather avoid. Unfortunately, torrential rain storms do not wait for an invitation, passing over the landscape with a vengeance. Any commercial property in their path risks severe damage if the flood waters invade. Mitigation of commercial flooding is not a job for your in-house or contracted cleaning crews. You need a flood damage specialist. We can help.

Unfortunate circumstances that can complicate commercial flood damage remediation in West Hollywood are that heavy rain now flows over landscapes scoured by wildfires. Added to large quantities of water is the possibility of landslides, mud, and silt contamination. Since floodwaters always expose a property to potential chemical and pathogen hazards, the addition of rapid erosion makes a bad situation even tougher to manage.

Our flood remediation crews are well-seasoned, ready for even large commercial flooding scenarios. Our signature green service vehicles stock the pumping and extracting equipment needed. If necessary, we can scale up efforts within the SERVPRO national network. Coping with the additional “heavy lifting” of mud and other debris washed down along with the rainwater requires the skills and training of our IICRC certified technicians.

Expect a thoroughly professional and speedy response from our SERVPRO crew. An experienced project manager assesses the scene and sets the crew members in motion as soon as practicable after arrival. If areas of your business are unaffected by the floodwaters, we try to create zones for our work areas so that you can continue to reach out to clients and customers. This is crucial in maintaining their confidence that you can weather the storm.

Containment of the contaminated floodwaters and debris is where the decades of SERVPRO disaster response and success set us apart. We are familiar with the local requirements to keep all safe when extracting and disposing of floodwaters. As you move forward on your business side post-flood, you can rely on our team checking all the boxes to keep you in compliance with all applicable codes during commercial flood water cleanup.

SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood is the partner needed when you face the stress and hard work of recovery from commercial storm flooding. Our office accepts calls 24/7 every day of the year at (310) 572-6132.

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SERVPRO is the Trusted Choice for Mold Removal in Hollywood

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO is the Trusted Choice for Mold Removal in Hollywood Many times, more mold is hidden below the visible mold. Inspect your home regularly for signs of mold.

Why SERVPRO Is A Trusted Mold Damage Remediation In West Hollywood

Although finding evidence of mold in your West Hollywood home is concerning, there is no need to panic. Early recognition of a mold infestation is the best scenario, but the reality is that mold can hide behind walls and above ceilings. You need a mold remediation company that can adapt its treatment as needed and that uses advanced technology to keep debris from spreading during removal. We offer that flexibility. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the protocols we use when remediating mold damage in your West Hollywood home. Locating the extent of the mold growth is step one. Although mold testing is a possibility, often the distinctive musty scent and visual verification of staining or the glimpses of feathery or leather mold growth is enough to pinpoint the problem areas. 

Containment is the next challenge. Our crew has both physical barriers made of plastic sheeting and negative pressure air scrubber configurations as options. Sealing in the mold residues during the cleaning is the key to preventing mold spores and particles from drifting into other living spaces. The use of innovative equipment like the air scrubber offers an extra level of protection, and our team also don personal protective equipment during the cleaning. The deliberate use of practical containment techniques is why SERVPRO is a trusted remediation company. 

Removal is a mechanical process, our employees using scrapers and brushes to loosen the mold growth before bagging the debris for disposal. SERVPRO crews scrub non-porous surfaces with good effect, returning them to function. Porous surfaces are not all lost as we also employ the gentle abrasion of soda blasting to remove the hyphae or “roots” from objects infected below the surface. 

After the removal of the mold, SERVPRO remediators clear away any residual mold particles with HEPA filtered vacuums. We apply EPA registered antimicrobials to the surfaces to inhibit regrowth. 

Eliminating the moisture source must be done to complete the mold remediation process. Why SERVPRO technicians are a good fit as remediators are their ability to sleuth out where the water invades and migrates. The moisture might be from a leak, spill, or even excessive humidity. We help determine the problem and arrange for repair. Mold reappears quickly if the water returns. 

SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood offers discrete yet efficient mold remediation services. If you suspect mold has taken hold, call us immediately at (310) 572-6132 for an evaluation.

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When Stormy Weather Invades Your West Hollywood Home

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When Stormy Weather Invades Your West Hollywood Home Stormy skies can be beautiful to view but can cause damage to your home.

Flood Damage Experts In West Hollywood Discuss the Possibilities Of Contamination

When stormy weather blows into the West Hollywood area, elements created by the storm can negatively affect your property. When thunderstorms are severe, flood damage can quickly occur at your residence. Storms can bring about torrential downpours and hurricane-speed winds. If something blows into one of your windows or your roof, a hole can get created that can allow moisture to enter your dwelling. As soon as water gets in from the outside, prompt flood damage mitigation by a professional company like SERVPRO becomes a necessity.  

The longer moisture sits inside your home and saturates organic materials, the worse the problems can get. Our SERVPRO technicians always work as fast as they can when mitigating any flood damage situation in West Hollywood so that they can minimize the severity of the issues caused by the poor weather. If items that make up the structure of your house stay wet, they can lose their structural integrity and fall apart. If organic substances inside a building stay wet for more than two days, fungal contamination becomes a possibility.  

Whenever dealing with water coming from the outdoors, our SERVPRO team knows that it is different than dealing with problems created by clean water sources. Rainwater gets either a category two or category three classification depending on if it is just water falling from the sky or if it is muddy, murky water that has built up on the dirt outside. In both types of scenarios, we treat the water as if it contains harmful bacteria and parasites.  

When dealing with these gray or black water situations, many of the materials the water touches must get removed and replaced. In some cases, non-porous materials can be dried out and saved if they get affected by contaminated water. However, the affected materials still always get sanitized and treated with antimicrobial chemicals or, in more severe cases they get sprayed with specialized sealant paint. If you ever suffer damage to your place of residence after a storm, call SERVPRO of Belair / West Hollywood at (310) 572-6132 24/7.

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Wildfires and House Fires in Bel Air--Why Not Call SERVPRO for Cleanup?

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Wildfires and House Fires in Bel Air--Why Not Call SERVPRO for Cleanup? Bel Air Homes and Wildfires!!! SERVPRO Is Always There to Help

The Right Tools for Fire Recovery in Bel Air Homes

Currently, Bel Air homes struggle with the devastating forces of wildfires that responders work desperately to extinguish. With so many houses and commercial properties within the path of this natural disaster, homeowners seek assurances that what has occurred to their homes can get restored and returned to original condition. You need professional restoration that can arrive quickly, and that has the expertise and industry-leading equipment to make a difference fast.  

While some properties saw the worst of the damage that the wildfires could produce, many Bel Air properties are dealing with partial fire damages. In these situations, our responders must focus our efforts on our premier cleaning services and smoke mitigation techniques. To give your home the attention that it needs in a trying time such as this, you need professionals that can arrive when you need them the most.

Just as the wildfire in this area of 1961 caused great destruction, climate conditions have increased the likelihood of more of these fire damaging events to always be a factor. That is WHY SERVPRO is here and ready to help.
Our SERVPRO rapid response team is available 24 hours a day to offer effective solutions for fire damaged homes and properties affected by this most recent spreading wildfire. Our Green Fleet gets stocked with the products and advanced technology that can control the smoke damage in your home and help to mitigate your losses. We also have the ability as a national organization to envelop the services of nearby franchises to pool resources and personnel to help any customer that needs us.

Recovering from loss within your home, from the current wildfire or otherwise, relies heavily on having the right tools and equipment to do the job as thoroughly as needed. Our SERVPRO technicians have environment cleaning equipment such as our air scrubbers that can pull particulates and debris from the affected areas. We also have multiple deodorization approaches both for on-site odor removal with our thermal fogging or to removed contents of your home at our nearby facility with the ozone chamber.

Regardless of how your property has become affected by the wildfire or any fire for that matter, our SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood rapid response team can help. Give us a call anytime disaster strikes at (310) 572-6132.

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