Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage – Bel Air Home

Water damage at this Bel Air home affected a portion of the drywall and carpeting in this room. When water damage of this nature is encountered, you should call SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood to assist you. We provide 24/7 emergency service and will respond immediately with a team of industry certified professionals to clean up your water damage.

Water Damaged Home in West Hollywood

Water that soaks into carpeting frequently causes delamination which separates the carpet nap from the backing. In some cases, it is wiser to remove the wet flooring material to also protect the walls from wicking water leading to more damage. SERVPRO techs can mitigate water damage in West Hollywood homes with a fast and professional service.

Water Damage – West Hollywood Home

Water damage was suffered at this West Hollywood home when the carpeting shown had become soaked due to a dripping water pipe. The fast action of the homeowner in calling for help minimized the damage. SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood would lift the carpeting to extract the water and then strategically place dehumidifiers and heated air movers to help dry the carpet and padding. We have the proper tools and the trained technicians to provide quality service.

West Hollywood Water Soaked Home

When water seeps down into joints of tongue and groove flooring in the West Hollywood area, special techniques can thwart extensive and expensive water damage restoration. SERVPRO technicians can place a "tent" with drying mats to suction the water out and salvage the planks while also greatly reducing the time for the restoration as opposed to replacing the flooring. Count on us.

Bel Air Water Leak Creates Some Damage

The leak, though not covering a large portion of this hardwood flooring area in Bel Air, was unnoticed in an extra bedroom and the baseboard wicked in the pooling water and become damaged. SERVPRO can dry out the damaged areas to prevent further damage and to also protect against the moisture leading to a mold infestation.

Water Damage – Bel Air

Water damage in Bel Air requires rapid response to minimize damages. That is why SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood has trucks stocked with the necessary restoration equipment which can be dispatched on a moment’s notice. Our technicians and equipment are available 24 hours a day, seven days of the week.

Water Damaged Wall in Bel Air

The water leak within this wall shows the rippling effect of water damage on this home in Bel Air. Stopping the source of the water, and then peeling off the ruined outer surface, SERVPRO techs can then begin the drying process to salvage the drywall.